Production makaroni of semolina

Pasta spiral notch

Smooth pasta №6

Fluted pasta №10

Making pasta is carried out at the Pasta Factory "ZAKROMA " private entrepreneur Romanovsky O.R., on their own production lines manufactured by BYD . Our company is a manufacturer of pasta products under the emblem of "ZAKROMA " , producing 23 format pasta

Raw materials for the production of pasta - Ukrainian elite varieties of wheat processed into flour or semolina .

Packaging and Storage

Packaged pasta made ​​in colorful bags ( laminated polypropylene film ) for each species has its own format of the packaging material with subsequent packing into the box .

Shipments are made strictly on the application , it eliminates the possibility of shortages or overload . Motor runs any pre- training. The enterprise is strict accounting and let the product shipped .

On all shipped products issued certificate of quality , certificate of compliance with regulatory requirements pasta .


Small package

Image1400 Гр.

Great packaging

Image13 Кг.

Small package

Image11 Кг.





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Packaging options


Products are packaged in colorful packaging of polypropylene, for up to one kilogram of plastic bags and containers of more than a kilogram. Large volumes of products sold by weight or small package stacked in cardboard boxes. Examples of packaging products, see the gallery.

Name Weight, Kg Packing
Macaroni 0,4 Polypropylene
Macaroni 1,0 Polypropylene
Macaroni 3,0 Polyethylene bag